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  by Carol Goldberg, Ph.D. 

Helping professionals and businesses enhance and publicize their work through customized web sites and media coaching

as only a psychologist with Dr. Carol Goldberg's marketing and media expertise can.

specializing in web sites for psychologists, MDs, dentists, other health professionals; lawyers; CPAs; scientists; tutors; writers; consultants; campaigners; and providers of online learning and CE

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Web Site Tips


Don't just settle for any old web site.  Worse than no web site is one that doesn't show you off well. 

You should not judge all web sites by ineffective ones, just as you would not condemn all restaurants if you ate in one you didn't enjoy.  A template web site may provide basic information as do phone directories, but lacks the capability to show you off uniquely.  It is the difference between eating in a fast food chain restaurant and in a unique fine dining restaurant, where the food is prepared especially for you and the presentation, service, decor, and ambiance make it a memorable experience. 

An ineffective site is not a test drive.  You may be ruining your professional image and wasting valuable time when you could be growing your business.  Moreover,  negative results can discourage you so you never move to getting an effective web site.  We understand the importance so we revise web sites done by others.  We start with a blank screen, salvage your content, and rewrite the material effectively.

Your web site should look like the high quality professional you are and be commensurate with money you want to earn.

To stand out from the crowd, you have to show why you are outstanding.

Being listed on a group web site or data base is like being in a phone directory.  Potential clients can get your name, address, phone number, and specialties, but you do not stand out from the crowd.  To stand out, show:

  • trust
  • comfort
  • degrees and certificates
  • licenses
  • specialty training 
  • board certification 
  • honors and awards
  • faculty appointments
  • experience
  • leadership
  • ethics 
  • affiliations
  • publications (books, articles, and excerpts)
  • media appearances
  • recognition of expertise and being an authority 
  • testimonials 
  • research
  • samples of advice (tips; your own newsletter)
  • community service
  • current information
  • and convey your individual image, through your site's appearance.

Avoid The Following Web Site Detractors

  • an obvious "freebee" or "cheapie"

  • third party ads (such as for phone co., etc.)

  • not having your own domain name

  • a domain name with "forward slashes"

  • a domain name no one can remember

  • a web site shared with your competitors 

  • an e-mail address lacking your web site's name

  • outdated material

  • dead pages (links go nowhere)

  • missing graphics (empty boxes)

  • a web site that is

    • a look alike fill-in-the blanks template

    • amateurish 

    • rambling

    • disorganized 

    • difficult to navigate

    • unnecessarily repetitive

    • wordy

    • unattractive

    • boring

    • not classy looking 

Dr. Goldberg's psychological background enables her to perceive and convey your unique strengths, in a style commensurate with them. 


Our web sites show why you are outstanding.


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